Selling a Property

You can only sell a property once. It cannot be sold once, and then again, so that we can see which way it works better. This is why it is critical that it is handled with skill, to insure the best results. In addition, many properties go unsold, or even undersold (even in a hot market). My performing at a high level, over a long period of time, through many markets, gives you the greatest chance of outperforming the market, and avoiding common mistakes. I will get you results and maximize the price for you.

After I take a look at your property, I will give you very specific insight on pricing strategy, marketing and positioning. Just let me know the best time to take a look at the property. My track record includes a long history of results, top level sales, and market knowledge that others in the market typically do not possess.

Purchasing a Property

It is quite common for clients tell stories of friends, or friends of friends, that have lost money on real estate transactions. This is step one, to make sure you purchase something that you really love, but also to make sure it is a stable, safe property. One that you will not lose money on. Additionally, I typically know of many properties that may be available that are not officially on the market.

Having 24 years of insight into the market provides a very deep understanding of different trends – prices fluctuations, the growth of different areas, the history of different areas and building, popularity of different styles and floor plans. Knowing the past well, helps predict the future and make good decisions, and find a great place.

Being an experienced, thoughtful partner will help you find what you really want.

Concierge Services

The resources that are available to you are extensive. Based upon a collection of relationships that have been developed over many years. Inspectors, contractors, home help, business networking connections, government officials just to list a few. After we begin our partnership, I help in many different ways, making your life much easier.

It is all about the relationship. This is how my business continues to grow. Helping you make excellent real estate decisions and helping with the many intangibles that make your life much easier, and many times more profitable.