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How Do 3 Of The Top Chicago High-Rises Compare?

Looking at The Pinnacle, 55 East Erie, and The Trump buildings Despite their similarities, the condos at Huron, Wabash and Erie have a few interesting differences when it comes to their sales. Consider, for example, this table with a few average statistics for sold apartment homes on all three buildings: Final Sale Price Market Time (in […]

3 Key Comparisons Between the Evanston and Wilmette Real-Estate Markets

Despite their geographical proximity, both Evanston and Wilmette present a few differences between their Real-Estate statistics. Below are a few of the most notable ones:   1. Market Time per Month So far in 2015, Evanston houses stayed on the market for an average of 55 days, while houses in Wilmette were closed within 34 […]

3 Tips for Winning – 2015 Chicago Spring Real Estate Market

Ready…set….buy! The Chicago area housing market gains momentum and will start humming over the next few months. Here are 3 things to help you WIN: 1. Don’t be afraid of the cold! Start early if you plan to buy. In Chicago, the market starts showing life after Jan. 1 or, as many people like to […]